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Used Oil Collection by DARTON

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Restaurants, large and small, count on us to provide:

  • Clean, Reliable Collection and Recycling of Their Waste Cooking Oil and Grease

Darton Environmental is an advocate for a waste free environment, helping restaurants and other food establishments to properly manage and dispose of their waste grease. Darton Environmental plays an essential role in protecting the environment. Our facility helps to alleviate the nation's problem of over-burdened landfills by recycling used cooking oil that would otherwise be disposed of as waste.

Recycle for Life

With your support and participation, we can build a stronger community and help to protect the environment. Our goal is to offer exceptional customer service to our clients while ensuring that every drop of waste oil that we collect is used to produce Bio-Fuels. Our mission is to utilize waste vegetable oil (WVO) for the production of BioDiesel as a clean, renewable, energy alternative, thereby reducing our dependency on foreign oil for fuel and providing new value for a product that was once destined for the landfill.

We are commited to recycling as a way of life.
"Our aim is to provide top notch removal service to the restaurant and food service industries. Our mission is to ensure that every drop of waste oil that we collect is used to make clean, renewable Bio-Fuels.""

Greener By The Gallon

Renewable & Clean

Renewable & Clean

One of the biggest advantages of biodiesel is that it is renewable. Unlike fossil fuels, which will one day run out, biodiesel can be manufactured year after year from renewable crops. In a world in which our lifestyle depends on cheap and plentiful energy, biofuels will take on an increasingly important role in reducing dependence on crude oil.

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